The Cask by Glenlivet iPad App

Pernod, who owns the Glenlivet brand, came up with the idea that an effective if not classy and gentlemanly way to share their passion for fine Scotch whiskey is to empower loyal Glenlivet connoisseurs. They would be given the title “Guardian” and assume the role of brand guardians. In order to keep them well informed, connected, in style, and provide them with information, insights, and wisdom befitting their diverse backgrounds and worldly characters, The Cask by The Glenlivet was conceived. It would be a digital magazine on the iPad, a piece of hardware known for its sleek, elegant design, and built like a work of art.

lead UI/Visual designer

Worked closely with UX lead.
Led team from UI through development phase.
Iterations of UI and visual designs.
Graphic support during development until launch.