Machinima Xbox 360

In 2012, Machinima, a giant gaming entertainment network had over 70 million viewers watching original contents on Youtube. A catalogue of some 650,000 videos produced either by Machinima and by individual gamers worldwide, needed a better technology and richer experience than the web to drive monetization. With the number of Xbox 360 owners reaching 60 million, the platform was perfect for Machinima. It was an extremely exciting opportunity to work with the client, and the dev team to design what became the fastest downloaded app of 2013.

Client was extremely happy with the UX and UI designs, particularly how the overall visual design defined the phenomenon of Machinima and helped solidify the brand. We did not set out to develop a brand, but in the process of defining the experience we discovered its essence. The visual design concept then was applied to the overall look and feel in designing for other endpoints, including iOS, web, and super-charged Machinima’s presence in the market.

Because of the rich UX and UI designs, our dev team was driven to push the boundaries of the Xbox 360 and developed added functions and features such as dynamic branding. Using full background image of the UI for brand promotions, sponsorships, and advertising, dynamic branding added to the visual richness of the experience—and more power to monetization. The app we designed and built for Machinima became a licensed application framework named CypressX, which since has helped other media and entertainment companies get more and do more with their Xbox 360 apps.

lead UI/Visual designer

Worked with UX lead.
Led team from UI through development phase.
Iterations of UI and visual designs.
Graphic support during development until launch.